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UHP P609

Pattern Characteristics:

1. Asymmetric pattern
To increase the contact area of the outside part of the tire with its corneing sharpness. It ensures good traction and let the driver feel confident at high speed cornering. At the same time, it improves the wear sapect and evenness.

2. Special outside shoulder block desigh
When cornering at hiht speed, tread shoulder block deforms easily under the transversal force. The wide and big design of the shoulder block and stabilizing rib reduces the deformation at cornering, hence it ensures high speed stability and brings precse driving experience.

3. Tilted sipes on center rib
Center rib ensures straight line stability and improve acceleration.

4. 4 wide longitude grooves
4 wide longitudinal grooves to enhance water evacuation on wet roads, prevent sid slips and improve traction by well-designed angle.

5. Green tread compound with more silica
Silica reduces the friction between the rubber moleculars to decrease energy loss and hence reduce rolling resistance.

6. Anti-slip all season sipe
The tread is coveed with anti-slip all season sipes for driving stablity at all weather conditions. It also enhances the heat dissipation and improve tire acceleration and braking performances.
Легквые шины - UHP P609 для легковых автомобилей повышенной комфортности
40 $ / шт.
В наличии
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